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Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Link Between Worlds: Ravio


For those of you who have never played this game (me included) I'll start by giving you the beginning of the game.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds: In the beginning of this game (and many other Legend of Zelda games it seems...) Link has a nightmare where he is battling a dark and shadowy figure. Upon waking up Link here's the blacksmith's son, Gulley, calling for him. Link follows Gulley to the blacksmith shop. Once arriving he bumps into the captain who is thanking the blacksmith for a new shield. But, after the captain leaves the blacksmith's wife realizes that he has left his sword and tells Link to bring it back to him. However, upon arriving to Hyrule Castle, Link gets the news that the captain planed to visit the sanctuary before returning. Once Link arrives at the sanctuary he see's the priest's daughter, Seres, arguing with the gravedigger, Dampé. Seres offers to get the Captain from the inside while Dampé continues talking to Link. Suddenly, the two hear the sanctuary door slam shut and screaming. Seres had gone in. Dampé tells Link about a secret passage under one of the graves and tells Link he should use the captain's sword to navigate the passage and save Seres and the captain. But, when Link arrives inside the sanctuary he witnesses a sorcerer named Yuga transform Sere into a  painting.

Link charges at Yuga but turns himself into a painting and dodges Link, causing Link to hit against the wall, losing consciousness. Yuga escapes with the Seres painting.
Hopefully, the rest is self explanatory. Link has to stop Yuga's evil plan (in this case that plan is to find the descendants of the Seven Sages and Princess Zelda in order to resurrect Ganon and use his power to take over the Hyrule, and, eventually, the world). Oh yeah, and in this game he gains the ability to go into walls or something. But anyway, that's not what this post is about. This post has to do with a character introduced in the next scene, when Link awakens. Here's what had to say about the next scene.

"Link awakens in his house once more, this time with a strange person in a rabbit hood greeting him as he regains consciousness. The person introduces himself as the merchant Ravio. After learning what happened to Link and asking permission to stay in his house a while, Ravio gifts him with an old, musty bracelet and suggests Link report the happenings to Princess Zelda so something can be done about it. At the gate, a guard laughs at Link's story and gains the attention of Impa, Princess Zelda's attendant. Impa allows Link entry into the castle as she announces Link's arrival to the Princess." -

Yup, this post is about the "strange person in a rabbit hood" that is magically in Link's house when he wakes up. Oh, and, in case you missed it, this character also asks Link if he can stay in his house for a while. And of course Link let's Ravio stay in his house. He let's this thing stay in his house.
Luckily, this thing does have a backstory. The problem is that it isn't revealed until you've beaten the main boss of the whole game! No, before you learn this bunny suit wearing weirdo's backstory he goes on to open a shop in Links house. This shop is very useful because it sells objects that you need either to get to or get through dungeons. But still, this thing couldn't have just given it's magic items to Link in the first place since it's already turned his home into this.
Then, later, after buying all of the items in this thing's shop, Ravio thanks Link for making him so rich (because that's how you treat the customer) and goes into "retirement". Now I put retirement in quotation marks because Ravio's form of "retirement" involves nothing but sitting on the floor of Link's home, talking to himself about how life has changed since he "retired" and occasionally singing. He will apparently say something different every time Link enters his home, or will sing, can't forget about the singing. Anyway, Link eventually arrives to Princess Hilda, the princess of Lorule, who is trying to steal Hyrule's Triforce in order to restore her own kingdom (which is in bad shape because her Triforce was destroyed). After taking the Triforce from Link she summons the final boss to kill Link. After Link defeats the final boss Hilda prepares to fight Link, but is stopped by our good friend, Ravio. Ravio then reveals that he is Link's cowardly Lorulean counterpart, and Hilda's servant, and was searching for a hero to stop her (because he was to cowardly to do it himself).
At first Hilda is furious at Ravio, but  then realizes that she is recreating the chaos that caused the destruction of her own Triforce and apologizes to Zelda and Link. She then sends them back home, using Ravio's bracelet he gave Link. Link and Zelda now have a wish they can make on their Triforce and both touch it, wishing for the same thing. It then, goes back to Ravio and Hilda, who soon see that their Triforce has been recreated by Link and Zelda's wish. So all is good, even though Ravio is still a coward and Hilda is still as crazy as can be.
Wait? That's it for Ravio's backstory? No explanation for the bunny suit? Well, no, their is no definite explanation for why Ravio is dressed as a bunny until the end of the game. The closest I could get to an answer is that it pays homage to A Link to the Past, where Link will become Bunny Link in the Dark World until he gets the Moon Pearl.

  So Ravio will remain mysterious. And weird, really, really weird.

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