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Friday, June 20, 2014

The Green Yoshi

Yoshi is one of the classic Mario characters now, having first appeared in 1990 and now coming back for another race this year in Mario Kart 8. And, this little green character even has his own series of games, starting at a simple Tetris-like game just called Yoshi all the way to Yoshi's Wooly World that will come out this year. So, yes, Yoshi has come a long way from his appearance in Super Mario World, but, wait, was Yoshi in Super Mario World? Let's look back at the Yoshi's in that game.

Super Mario World: In this Mario game, like others after it, there are multiple different kinds of Yoshi, (or Yoshies or Yoshis, what exactly the plural form is isn't clear). The regular and now, most common, form of Yoshi in Super Mario World is the green Yoshi, with no special abilities the other Yoshi don't have. There is also a red Yoshi, who, when eating any colored shell will spit it back out in the form of three fireballs. Then, there's the blue Yoshi who can fly if he has a shell held in his mouth. The final Yoshi is the yellow Yoshi, who can shake the ground by taking a shell into it's mouth. The red, blue and yellow Yoshi are actually very rare in Super Mario World.
By reviewing this we learn that there was nothing special about the green Yoshi, if anything he was actually the worst of the bunch. So why is "the Yoshi" (referring to the Yoshi that is playable in tons of games and that has an entire game series dedicated to himself) a green Yoshi? Well, as revealed in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars that this is the only Yoshi who can speak Mario's language and even serves as a translator for Mario when speaking to other Yoshi despite the fact we never hear him speak in any other language but simple noises. Also this Yoshi has a previous connection to the Mario brothers as revealed in a game in his own series, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island: Despite it's title this game actually serves as a prequel to Super Mario World and it's Japanese title, suggests that it may be part of an entirely new series.

The game begins with Kamek, who has seen that two babies (Mario and Luigi) attempts to kidnap the children. He successfully gets Baby Luigi, but Baby Mario falls unnoticed onto Yoshi's Island, on the back of Yoshi. Yoshi brings Baby Mario back to his clan. As the clan argues about what to do with the newfound Baby Mario, the baby points off into the horizon. Yoshi finally suggests they help get Baby Luigi back and deliver the babies to their parents, and the rest of the clan agrees with this plan. The eight Yoshi decide to take turns traveling with Mario, each Yoshi traveling a certain distance and then switching.

So the Yoshi not only helped Mario and Luigi as adults and continues to help and be friends with them but also saved one of their lives as a baby? So maybe the green Yoshi isn't so bad after all. Also, in this game him and the other Yoshi display new powers thanks to the aid of Morph Bubbles which allow them to transform into a Yoshi Helicopter, a Yoshi Mole Tank, a Yoshi Submarine, a Yoshi Car or a Yoshi Train. Why didn't these morph bubbles show up earlier? We would've been fine with green Yoshi if we had known he could turn into this.
So there you have it, now we know what makes that one specific Yoshi so special to the Mario Bros.

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