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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Video Game Characters Die to Soon: The Deku Tree

If you've played The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time you know this mighty tree from the very beginning  of the game, you went inside him for crying out loud! But who knows, maybe you weren't paying attention, because  if you weren't it probably would've been easy to miss him considering the fact that he dies as soon as you leave him. I mean sure, you meet this little guy later.
But is that really the same as the big old tree up there? And the Deku Tree is supposedly the guardian of the Kokiri, so when he dies who's protecting them? Certainly not Link, he's to busy fighting these.
Who, did I mention, making screaming noises and paralyze you if they see you. They then try to strangle you if you let them get close enough. Yeah, and so Link has to choose if he wants those things walking around everywhere (which actually, they kind of end up doing that when he's an adult anyway) or if he wants to protect the peaceful forest people. Sorry, but I'd choose battle zombies over protect elves any day. And don't you dare try and tell me that seed up there is going to protect the Kokiri. Whether the Deku Tree is really needed to protect the forest or not, he still died to soon. In the dungeon titled "Inside the Deku Tree" Links mission is to destroy the trees scourge in order to break Ganondorf's curse. So you go through the dungeon, your first one I remind you, collecting items, and killing the bad guys, one of which is called a Ghoma. Now, at the end of this dungeon you're rewarded with a huge one of these Ghomas called Queen Ghoma, and for a beginning player playing their first ever Legend of Zelda game, this can be both terrifying and difficult.
But I won't complain, who doesn't love to fight giant bugs? No, the angering part is after you defeat the giant bug. Upon exiting the Great Deku Tree he reveals that he's still going to die, but he has a Heart Container and the Kokiri Emerald. Now these are satisfying prizes, don't get me wrong. But he's still going to die? Come on Deku Tree! Now someone please explain to me why I had to fight the giant bug if he was just going to die anyway? The Great Deku Tree couldn't have just given me the Heart Container and Kokiri Emerald without me having to travel into him and fight Queen Ghoma? Try and tell me seeing the Great Deku Tree smile and say thanks wouldn't have been much more satisfying than that extra life! Oh yeah, and Queen Ghoma still returns in later games. That Deku Tree died much to soon.

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