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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ravio's Return?

Remember Ravio? The creepy, unexplained rabbit suit-wearing character from A Link Between Worlds may be making a come-back and we just don't know it. He's now going by a different name, and appearing in a different game (probably looking for somewhere else to live since Link told him he needed to get out of his house and find a job). First off if you have no idea what I'm talking about read this: If you do know what I'm reading about then prepare to see what I'm talking about.

New Super Mario Bros. U: Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad and Yellow Toad are having dinner with Princess Peach in her castle when an airship suddenly smashes into the castle using a giant mechanical fist (apparently a new addition to the airships called "Bower's Claw" that later (spoiler) ends up destroying the airship. "Bowser's Claw" also takes the Mario brothers and the two toads and throws them far away from the castle where they bump into an acorn tree, knocking tons of super acorns throughout the area. The Mario brothers and the toads then fall out of the tree, passing a Bubble Baby Yoshi and Balloon Baby Yoshi (both making their first appearances). And so, the Mario brothers and toads journey to save Peach begins.

Okay. Absolutely nothing about Ravio in there right? But wait, this game introduces more than those new acorns and Yoshis, meet Nabbit.
Nabbit appears in every world (except Peach's Castle and Superstar Road) where he's stolen a P-Acorn from Toad. It's up to Mario to chase him through the stage he's appeared on in order to catch him. If Mario fails to catch him three times then Nabbit will flee and disappear. If Mario catches Nabbit then the Toad rewards him with the P-Acorn. Also, if the player waits to long to open the chest on an "enemy course" then Nabbit will run in and steal the item from the chest. If you want to try this it takes about 30-45 seconds. Nabbit then returned in New Super Luigi U but as a playable character replacing Mario. However, Nabbit is a special character as he can't use power-ups, can't ride Yoshi's, and is immune to all enemies (he can, however, die by falling into lava, poison water, a pit, getting smashed by specific obstacles, getting eaten by a Cheep Chomp, or running out of time). Any power-up he collects throughout the stage is turned into a 1-up at the end (rather than him using them). Nabbit still appears in single player mode though, as Luigi still has to chase him. Also, if you wait to long on an enemy stage as Luigi Nabbit will still steal the item in the chest.
Also, Nabbit can be played as in single player at anytime by holding the ZL button on the Gamepad or B on the Wii Remote. This works for every level except the Flying Squirrel Ovation level in Superstar Road. If you wait to long on an enemy stage and you're playing a Nabbit the screen just fades to black. Nabbit's final appearance (so far) was in Mario Golf: World Tour as a playable character. In order to play as him though, you must purchase the Flower Pack.
He will also appear in the Mushroom Kingdom U stage of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, although it is unknown yet what exactly he does. He's also scheduled to appear in Mario Party 10 as a non-playable character. So, now that we've met Nabbit, let's take a look at another certain purple rabbit I know.
Hmmm... looks familiar. So, Ravio has moved on with his life and took Link's advice of getting a job. Oh, wait, no, he's taken up stealing in a game where he hoped he wouldn't be recognized. Well, we're onto you Ravio... In fact fans have been talking so much about the similarities of the two characters that Satoru Iwata dismissed the similarities between the two characters as an unintentional coincidence. Translation: Ravio has all of Nintendo backing him up in his plan to take over the video game world. Until I see a backstory for Nabbit I refuse to believe this is purely coincidence. Hey, a Nabbit game about his backstory... sounds about as good as a Tingle game with his own backstory. Oh wait, they made that. Read about it here:

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